FuseBox F1006D80 6 Usable Way Dual RCD Distribution Board

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6 WAY Dual RCD

The FuseBox circuit protection range of metal consumer units and protection devices, offers flexible versatile solutions for 18th Edition electrical installations.

Dual RCD FLEX consumer units offer flexible solutions for the majority of electrical installations. The Dual RCD Flex version can be configured with up to 2 unprotected high integrity ways on the main switch and a busbar which can be cut to suit the split required ensuring the loads are shared evenly across the 2x 80A 30mA RCDs.

  • 2 x 80A 30mA RCD’s AC
  • 6 Usable ways
  • 2 ways to side of main switch for SPD or other
  • Built in spirit level
  • Optional tails clamp
  • Label pack

Dimensions – H 263mm x W 306mm x D116mm

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