Armeg SDHVDE001 Switch-Blade 1000V VDE Interchangeable Screwdriver Handle

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1000V VDE Interchangeable Screwdriver Handle

Perfect for versatility and convenience

  • Armeg’s VDE Screwdriver Handle is part of the new interchangeable Switch-Blade range, which features 3 VDE Handles and 23 VDE Blades to provide 69 different drive options.
  • Designed for versatility and convenience, the VDE Screwdriver Handle allows work on a variety of live installation applications with only one handle for a space saving and cost-effective solution.
  • There are 23 interchangeable blade sizes available which are designed to work with the VDE Screwdriver Handle.
  • The Blade auto-lock and retention design means blades simply click into the VDE Handle and are held securely for safe working.
  • Quick-release push button allows blades to be conveniently and quickly removed from the handle for rapid blade change.
  • The VDE Screwdriver handle is 1000V VDE rated & tested for safety assurance when working on live installations.
  • Conforms to IEC 60900.

See the switch-blade range in action here

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