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Garage consumer units, also known as fuse boxes or distribution boards, play a crucial role in safely distributing electricity to various circuits within a garage. These units are an important component of any garage's electrical infrastructure, providing protection against electrical faults and allowing efficient control of power distribution. In this article, we will delve into the technical details of garage consumer units, exploring why they were created, their primary functions, and their significance in modern garages.

Garge Consumer Unit

Why Were Garage Consumer Units Created?

The introduction of garage consumer units can be traced back to the need for safer and more convenient electrical installations in garages. Traditionally, garages were equipped with rudimentary electrical systems, consisting of a simple switch and a few power outlets. However, as the demand for electricity in garages grew with the increasing use of power tools, lighting fixtures, and appliances, it became necessary to ensure the electrical safety and control within these spaces.

Garage consumer units were designed to address these concerns. They serve as the central hub for electrical connections in garages, enabling effective distribution of power while incorporating protective features to prevent electrical hazards. The development of garage consumer units aimed to enhance the overall safety and convenience of electrical installations, providing a reliable solution for garages of all sizes.

The Functions of Garage Consumer Units

Power Distribution - One of the primary functions of a garage consumer unit is to distribute electrical power to various circuits within the garage. It acts as a control center, allowing for the connection of multiple circuits such as lighting, power outlets, heating systems, and other electrical devices. By dividing the electrical load into different circuits, the consumer unit ensures that the power supply is evenly distributed, minimizing the risk of overload.

Circuit Protection - Garage consumer units incorporate circuit protection devices, such as circuit breakers or fuses, to safeguard against electrical faults. These protective devices monitor the flow of electricity and automatically trip or blow a fuse in the event of a fault, such as a short circuit or overload. By isolating the faulty circuit, they prevent further damage and reduce the risk of fire or electric shock. The consumer unit also allows for easy identification and replacement of faulty fuses or tripped breakers.

Earth Fault Protection - Another critical function of a garage consumer unit is to provide earth fault protection. Earth leakage circuit breakers (ELCBs) or residual current devices (RCDs) are often incorporated into the consumer unit to detect any leakage of current to the ground. If an earth fault occurs, such as a person coming into contact with an energized part, the ELCB or RCD instantly cuts off the power supply, preventing potential electrocution.

Isolation and Maintenance - Garage consumer units also offer a means of isolation, allowing for safe maintenance and repair work. By switching off the main circuit breaker or isolator switch, all power to the garage can be effectively cut off, protecting individuals working on the electrical system from accidental contact with live wires. This feature ensures that maintenance tasks can be carried out without the risk of electrical shock or injury.

Garage Consumer Unit Install

Significance in Modern Garages

With the growing number of electrical appliances and tools used in garages today, the presence of a properly installed and functioning consumer unit is vital. Here are some reasons why garage consumer units are essential in modern garages:

  1. Electrical Safety - Garage consumer units provide a robust safety mechanism, minimizing the risk of electrical accidents and protecting users from potential harm. The incorporation of circuit breakers, fuses, and earth fault protection devices significantly reduces the chances of electric shock, fire, or damage to electrical equipment.

  2. Enhanced Control - A garage consumer unit allows for better control and organization of the electrical system. By providing separate circuits, it enables the independent operation of different devices, preventing overloads and ensuring efficient use of power.

  3. Compliance with Regulations - In many areas, the installation of a garage consumer unit is a mandatory requirement to meet electrical safety regulations. Adhering to these regulations ensures that your garage is legally compliant and that you and your property are adequately protected.

  4. Future Expansion - Garage consumer units are designed to accommodate future electrical expansions or modifications. They offer spare circuits that can be used to connect new appliances or circuits, eliminating the need for extensive rewiring or upgrades when additional power requirements arise.

Garage Consumer Units We Stock

FuseBox F100GRA Garage Consumer Unit - The FuseBox F100GRA Garage Consumer Unit is a popular choice for residential garages due to its durability, compact design, and excellent safety features.

Key features of this consumer unit include:

  • Design - The FuseBox F100GRA is a metal consumer unit constructed from high-quality steel, ensuring durability and protection against impact and environmental conditions. It is designed to accommodate various electrical circuits with up to ten usable ways, providing flexibility for connecting multiple devices and appliances.
  • Circuit Protection - This consumer unit incorporates a 100A main switch, allowing for easy isolation of the entire garage electrical system. Additionally, it includes RCD (Residual Current Device) protection, which provides enhanced safety against electrical faults by rapidly detecting and cutting off the power supply in the event of a fault. The FuseBox F100GRA typically comes with two RCDs, providing protection for different circuits.
  • Installation and Wiring - The FuseBox F100GRA features ample wiring space, making installation and wiring straightforward. It includes clearly labeled terminals and ample room for cable entry, ensuring organized and efficient installation.

Fusebox Garage Consumer Unit

Hager VML24AH Metal Garage Consumer Unit -  The Hager VML24AH Metal Garage Consumer Unit is a robust and reliable choice known for its quality build and comprehensive circuit protection.

Here are some notable features of this consumer unit:

  • Construction - The Hager VML24AH is constructed from high-quality steel, offering excellent durability and protection against external elements. The metal enclosure provides a sturdy and secure housing for the electrical components.
  • Circuit Protection - This consumer unit features a 100A switch disconnector as the main switch, enabling easy isolation of the entire garage electrical system. It also incorporates two RCDs for enhanced protection against electrical faults. The RCDs monitor the electrical current and promptly trip the circuit if an imbalance is detected, minimizing the risk of electric shock and fire.
  • Flexibility - The Hager VML24AH offers 24 usable ways, providing ample capacity to accommodate a wide range of circuits and devices. This flexibility makes it suitable for garages with diverse electrical requirements.

Hager Garage Consumer Unit

Click Scolmore GUEB580RCD3 Metal Garage Consumer Unit - The Click Scolmore GUEB580RCD3 Metal Garage Consumer Unit is a reliable and efficient choice, designed to ensure electrical safety and ease of installation.

Here are its key features:

  • Robust Design - The Click Scolmore GUEB580RCD3 is constructed with a robust metal enclosure, providing protection against impact and environmental factors. Its durable construction ensures longevity and reliability.
  • Circuit Protection - This consumer unit includes a 100A main switch for easy isolation and incorporates three RCDs for enhanced circuit protection. The RCDs offer sensitive and rapid fault detection, minimizing the risk of electric shock and fire.
  • Ample Capacity - The Click Scolmore GUEB580RCD3 provides eight usable ways, making it suitable for smaller garages or applications with fewer electrical circuits. It offers sufficient space for connecting essential devices and appliances.
  • Ease of Installation - This consumer unit features clearly labeled terminals, making installation and wiring hassle-free. The spacious design allows for easy cable entry and organized connections.

Each of these garage consumer units, including the FuseBox F100GRA, Hager VML24AH, and Click Scolmore GUEB580RCD3, offers reliable circuit protection and power distribution capabilities. When selecting a consumer unit for your garage, consider factors such as the number of circuits required, the level of circuit protection desired, and the available space. Choosing a reputable and well-suited consumer unit ensures the electrical safety and efficient operation of your garage.

Elucian Garage Consumer Unit

Garage Consumer Unit FAQ

Can I fit a consumer unit in the garage?

Yes, it is common and recommended to install a consumer unit in the garage. A consumer unit serves as the central control point for electrical distribution and protection in the garage, ensuring safe and efficient operation of electrical circuits.

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Does the garage supply need an RCD?

Yes, it is advisable to include an RCD (Residual Current Device) in the garage supply. An RCD provides additional protection against electric shock and detects electrical faults. It rapidly cuts off the power supply if an imbalance is detected, reducing the risk of injury or damage.

Does a garage consumer unit need a main switch?

Yes, a garage consumer unit should include a main switch. The main switch allows for easy isolation of the entire electrical system in the garage. It provides a convenient way to turn off the power supply when needed, ensuring safety during maintenance or emergencies.

How far from the meter can the consumer unit be located?

The exact distance between the meter and consumer unit may vary depending on local electrical regulations and wiring standards. It is best to consult with a qualified electrician to determine the specific requirements for your location and ensure compliance.

Do garage consumer units need to be metal?

While consumer units are commonly available in metal enclosures, it is not a strict requirement for a garage consumer unit to be metal. However, metal consumer units offer durability, protection against impact, and better shielding against electromagnetic interference. It is important to ensure that the chosen consumer unit meets the necessary safety standards and regulations.

What is the height of a consumer unit in a garage?

The recommended height for mounting a consumer unit in a garage is typically around 1.7 to 1.8 meters from the floor level. This positioning allows for convenient access and operation while ensuring that the unit is not easily reachable by children or pets.

Does a consumer unit need to be mounted on a board?

Mounting a consumer unit on a non-combustible mounting board is a common practice to enhance safety and organization. The board provides a stable surface for the consumer unit and helps with cable management. However, the specific requirements may vary depending on local regulations and installation guidelines. It is important to consult with a qualified electrician to ensure compliance with the necessary standards.


Garage consumer units are indispensable components of modern garages, providing electrical safety, control, and convenience. Through effective power distribution, circuit protection, and earth fault detection, these units ensure the safe operation of electrical systems while mitigating the risk of accidents and damage. By adhering to electrical safety regulations and incorporating a consumer unit into your garage's infrastructure, you can create a secure and efficient environment for all your electrical needs.

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