Fusebox are a consumer unit manufacturer based in Kilmarnock, Scotland. They were established in 2017 by their experienced and talented director, Robin Forsyth.

Fusebox have taken the circuit protection sector by storm and one of their well known taglines sums up their meteoric rise in the last 6 years ‘making electricians smile’. Since 2017 their rise can be explained very simply, they have created a top quality consumer unit range which is affordable, installer friendly and the pink packaging definitely helps them stand out!

Fusebox RCBO Consumer Unit

Fusebox Consumer Units

They provide a fully comprehensive level of protection that ranges from double pole type A RCBO's, surge protection and the recently released single module AFDD combined RCBO. Later on this year they are releasing their three phase commercial range, the whole team here at TED is looking forward to that!

Fusebox consumer units are quite simply outstanding. They have a great build quality and any review you find online or on YouTube you will see how highly they are regarded with electricians across the United Kingdom.. In 2019 was when CP Fusebox really became the electricians 1st choice consumer unit to install. 

The rapid growth of this business was like nothing we had seen before in our many years of experience in the electrical wholesale world, but this was not by luck. Fusebox had put together a product that suited electricians. Through their first phases they listened to their customers feedback then improved the product from that. The next version of the fuse box was improved until they had a product built from feedback of the very people who will be installing them every single day, electricians.

Fusebox Stockist - Thomas Electrical Distributors

CP Fusebox - Making Electricians Smile

By listening to their audience not only did they create the perfect circuit protection product they alo managed to build a rapport with customers beyond what their competitors had. Their social media presence was vast, everywhere you looked there was an install of a Fuse Box consumer unit. 

Their simple, compact and functional design makes it easy to sell to the end customer, while the neat internal layout provides the space for even the biggest of hands to get to work. Features include factory fitted T2 surge protection, earth and neutral bars at the top of the consumer unit and a removable and raised DIN rail.

Find the full Fusebox circuit protection range here!

Fusebox Consumer Unit Manufacturer

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