Envirovent Silent SIL100 Bathroom Fan Range

Envirovent Silent 100 Bathroom Extactor Fan

In the hustle and bustle of home improvement, there's a quiet hero that often goes unnoticed – your bathroom extractor fan. Say hello to the Envirovent Silent Bathroom Fan Range, your new partner in creating a fresh and cozy bathroom environment. In this easy to understand guide, we'll take you through the ins and outs of these amazing extractor fans, from their technical details to the different versions available, all designed to make your bathroom a breath of fresh air.

Technical Details

Ever wished for a fan that's as quiet as a whisper? The Envirovent Silent Bathroom Extractor Fan Range is here to grant that wish. Picture this: a noise level so gentle, starting at just 16dB(A), that you'll forget it's even there. But don't let the hush fool you – these fans mean business when it comes to clearing the air. With extraction rates ranging from 21 to 26 liters per second (l/s), these fans swiftly whisk away excess moisture, leaving your bathroom feeling light and airy.

  1. Noise Levels: A cornerstone of the range's appeal is its remarkable noise reduction technology. Operating at a mere 16dB(A), these fans ensure a serene bathroom ambiance, allowing for relaxation and tranquility while seamlessly venting moisture and stale air.

  2. Air Extraction Levels: The Silent Bathroom Fan Range boasts impressive extraction rates, effectively combating humidity and its associated challenges. Extraction capacities range from 21 to 26 liters per second (l/s), ensuring that excess moisture is swiftly removed, maintaining optimal air quality.

Envirovent Silent 100 Variants

The Envirovent Silent Bathroom Fan Range offers multiple distinctive variants, each catering to specific ventilation requirements. Below, we unravel the intricacies of each variant, highlighting their unique features:

  1. Envirovent SIL100S (Standard): The foundational variant of the range, the SIL100S, combines sleek aesthetics with high-performance functionality. Ideal for those seeking reliable and efficient ventilation, this variant is a testament to Envirovent's commitment to quality.

  2. Envirovent SIL100T (Overrun Timer): Building upon the standard version's attributes, the SIL100T introduces an ingenious overrun timer. This feature ensures that the fan continues to operate for a predetermined duration after the bathroom is vacated, effectively eliminating residual moisture and ensuring consistently optimal air quality.

  3. Envirovent SIL100HT (Humidistat Function): Pinnacle of innovation, the SIL100HT boasts an integrated humidistat. This intuitive sensor detects fluctuations in humidity levels and activates the fan automatically when excess moisture is detected. A true energy-saving marvel, this variant not only prevents mold growth but also optimizes energy consumption by operating only when needed.

  4. Envirovent SIL100IT (Intelligent Timer) - Building upon the renowned features of its predecessors, this intelligent timer function takes bathroom ventilation to the next level. The SIL100IT isn't just a fan; it's a thoughtful companion that calculates and optimizes the fan's overrun duration based on its operating time. Gone are the days of guesswork or manual adjustments; with the SIL100IT, the fan's runtime intelligently determines the exact duration needed for optimal air quality.

Envirovent Silent 100 Bathroom Extactor Fan

Warranty and Customer Confidence

Envirovent, a trusted name in the ventilation industry, reinforces its commitment to quality by providing a comprehensive warranty for each variant within the Silent Bathroom Fan Range. This warranty coverage assures customers of the range's durability, reliability, and performance, offering peace of mind in their investment.

Envirovent Silent 100 Bathroom Extactor Fan


The Envirovent Silent Bathroom Fan Range transcends conventional notions of bathroom ventilation, ushering in a new era of comfort and well-being. With its virtually noiseless operation, powerful air extraction capabilities, and intelligent features, it redefines the very essence of bathroom experiences. Whether one opts for the foundational SIL100S, the enhanced SIL100T with its overrun timer, or the pinnacle of technology embodied by the SIL100HT, Envirovent's commitment to elevating indoor air quality and overall ambiance is unmistakable. Bid farewell to humidity-induced woes and embrace a fresh, rejuvenating bathroom environment, all thanks to the transformative prowess of the Silent Bathroom Fan Range.

Envirovent Silent SIL100 Bathroom Extractor Fan

Envirovent SIL100 Range

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