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Envirovent is a UK based company that provides ventilation solutions for residential and commercial properties. They were founded in 1987 and ever since that day, they have grown to become one of the most reputable companies in the industry. They manufacture products that are low energy and sustainable to create healthier indoor environments across the UK.

One of their taglines is ‘We live and breathe sustainability’. This is absolutely true, no matter how you interact with Envirovent this message always is clear. The ‘Enviro’ in their name has a dual meaning, the first being improving the environment of our customers but the second is also improving their environmental impact on the world we live in. Over the last 25 years they are continually improved the way they work & engineer their products. They are also proudly committing to Net-Zero by 2030, their plan to do this is to have a zero carbon head office. They also started a tree planting program on Earth Day 2021. They committed 1,000 trees at that point and their aim moving forward is to plant 5,000 trees each year moving forward. 

Envirovent Tree Programme

Envirovent has local experts who will conduct a free home survey to offer you the best advice on how to improve the air in your home. They will offer advice and recommend the products you need. Their range is vast but full of top quality products ranging from Positive Input Ventilation, Bathroom Extractor Fans & full house ventilation systems.

Positive Input Ventilation

One of the core products Envirovent offer is its Positive Input Ventilation (PIV) system. Their system is designed to introduce fresh, filtered air into a home and circulate it through a room/building. This helps to dilute and remove pollutuants such as carbon dioxide, nitrogen dioxide and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that can build up inside a property.

Their PIV system also helps to reduce condensation and dampness, which causes a range of problems such as mould growth, structural damage and most importantly health issues. By introducing fresh air into a property, the PIV system helps to maintain a healthy indoor environment.

Envirovent PIV is suitable for a range of property types from small apartments to large commercial buildings. The system is easy to install and Envirovent are always on hand to help at each stage of the process. In addition to its PIV system, they also offer a full range of ventilation products across all sectors of the industry as mentioned above.

Envirovent PIV - Positive Input Ventilation


Envirovent MVHR

Did you know? Over 30% of new build homes are now being fitted with Mechnical Ventilation with Heat Recovery (MVHR) Systems. This percentage will increase year on year due to ever tightening building regulations. These regulations are made to ensure that all new homes have the appropriate levels of indoor air quality and ventilation.

MVHR systems work by extracting warm air from the wet zones of a home ( bathroom/kitchen) and passing it through a heat exchange cell to recover the heat before its extracted outside. At the same time, cool outside air is drawn through the heat exchanger where it collects the recovered energy and is tempered before being released into the living room areas.

Envirovent’s MVHR range is manufactured sustainably and sits at the top of the industry for build quality & performance levels.

SIL100 Bathroom Extractor Fan

The Silent 100 bathroom extractor fan range is one of the most popular choices for installers and end users in the UK. This isn’t down to luck, Envirovent have produced a product that has a high end performance that is silent when running and products more than enough air extraction for 95% of domestic bathrooms. They are so confident in its ability & performance that they offer a 5 year warranty and it also comes with a useful integral backdraught shutter. The backdraught shutter can be confused with being a piece of packaging at the back of the spigot but it's not! They are a very clever membrane that only opens when the fan is extracting and closes when the fan is off, stopping cold air from coming back into the bathroom.

Every extractor fan will be installed into either a light switch or a separate remote switch which is usually a fan isolator switch. Along with these options for switching, there are also different modes a specific fan can have.

  • Basic Model- This option is your standard on and off. Turn the switch on and the fan operates, turn the switch off and the fan will turn off immediately.
  • Timer Model - This mode can sometimes be confused, it is not to set an actual time for the fan to switch on. Like the basic model when you turn on the switch the fan will turn on, but when you turn the switch off the fan will overrun for a set period of time. Most fans can be set between 2-25 minutes. Some manufactures now are incorporating a delayed start function for these fans, this is to stop fans switching on if you are only nipping for a quick wee in the middle of the night.
  • Humidistat Model - These models will turn on automatically when humidity in the bathroom reaches a set level within the room, it will then continue too extract until the humidity levels drop back below the pre-set level. This specific operation is popular because you don’t necessarily need a light on when using the bathroom.
  • PIR Model (Passive Infra Red) - This operation will only turn the fan on if somebody enters the room, just like a floodlight outside your house!
  • Pull cord - The pull cord operation is slowly being replaced by the above mentioned operations, but they are fairly self explanatory. They have a localised switch point.

Envirovent SIL100 Bathroom Extractor Fan

We are proud to be an Envirovent Extractor Fan stockist and look forward to helping supply their products across the nation to help improve air quality and create healthier environments for everybody to live in!

See our full Enviorvent Extractor Fan range here!

Envirovent Extractor Fans

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