Armeg were formed in 1973 by two brothers, Andrew and Michael Green. They simply used their initials to create the company name. As they are entering their 50th anniversary year they can celebrate half a century of designing and manufacturing industry leading power tool drilling accessories. Since the company has been formed they have made real strides in drilling, all this experience is the reason why their products are increasingly popular with all trades people.

Their passion is for making smarter products that push the boundaries of what is possible, to help professionals really perform. ‘’We want to innovate in a way that saves you time, money and effort, and rewards with precision and performance.’’ This is a quote directly from Armeg’s website and it shows their dedication to making products that are not only reliable but also can help get the job done quicker!

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Armeg Robot

Yes you read that correctly, Armeg has a robot.. Not a full robot, just a robotic arm! They released their Impact Rated Roofing Bolt Drivers in 2021. Similar to most of the Armeg product range they became very popular. They came across one issue, which was there was one repetitive process when manufacturing that took up a lot of time and was a bit fiddly. This was placing a small magnet into the head of every Roofing Bolt Driver, by hand.

So, with a little help from their Universal Robot Arm, the talented Apprentice Process Engineer, Oliver, set about designing and manufacturing a bespoke workstation and tooling including a magnet dispenser, circular collar and brass spring-loaded magnet placement tool to dispense, capture and place a small magnet inside each Roofing Bolt Driver automatically.

Armeg Cutter Robot

Armeg Bespoke

Armeg pride themselves to be a specialist manufacturer in the drilling world. In addition to their amazing domestic product line they also offer a bespoke service. Over the last 20 years they have been involved with some incredible projects globally. 

Armeg’s production site has it all! From heat treatment facilities, CNC machines and purpose built machines just for slotting. This gives them the ability to manufacture an extensive range of solutions in the most efficient way possible.

Their flexible options include:

  • They will look at creating a solution to any drilling problem within our capabilities.
  • Any order volume will be considered.
  • Exclusive designs can be created for your business.
  • Where possible Armeg can visit you on-site to truly understand your requirements.
  • Numerous levels of service are available including manufacturing from existing drawings, updating and amending drawings to creating completely new tool designs.
  • Fast-tracked manufacture and delivery service available.
  • Laser marking options available to brand your product.
  • Various packaging and shipping options available

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