WAGO Connectors logoFor more than 60 years, WAGO have combined engineering with innovation to supply electrical connectors, automation and electronic interface technologies. WAGO connectors don’t require any tools and are renown for their ease of use, giving up to 50% reduced wiring time while providing secure, reliable and maintenance free cable connections suitable for a number of applications.

WAGO 221 Series compact lever-nuts can be used to connect flexible, solid and stranded copper wires. Typically, the wire should be stripped to 11mm, but the required measurements are shown on the side of the connectors. Simply open the lever, insert the wire and then close the lever again to create a tight clamp connection.

222 Series lever-nuts usually require 10mm of wire-stripping, but the measurements are shown on the bottom of the connectors. Like the 221 series, to use 222 series connectors, just open the lever, insert the wire and close the lever again.

WAGO 773 Series push wire wall-nut connectors can be used to clamp solid or stranded conductors. Typically, the wire will need be stripped back 12mm, but 773 connectors come with a built in strip-length gauge which provide the exact measurements. After stripping the wire, simply push it into the connector block and close it.

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Showing 1–12 of 39 results