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Test Instrument Solutions was founded in 2005. The company was formed to offer electricians, maintenance engineers and other end users a very competitive range of electrical testing equipment at the right price.

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  • TIS TIS1040 Lamp Tester

    £65.00 Ex. VAT
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    The TIS 1040 ignites all gas filled lamps including low / high pressure vapour lamps, fluorescent, low/high pressure sodium, neon, mercury and metal halide. Other tests carried out include voltage and a unique continuity test using single pole technology. The TIS 1040 also tests ballasts, capacitors, starters, resistors, diodes and photo-cells. A very handy unit […]

  • TIS TIS1100 Breakout Box socket adapter

    £14.50 Ex. VAT
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    The TIS 1100 is a must have accessory for any electrician who carries out testing. It eliminates the need to remove the faceplate of the socket from the wall when testing r2, and r1 + r2, saving valuable time and expense. The adapter also allows voltage testing from the socket, without having to open the […]

  • TIS TIS201 Pocket size auto-ranging Digital Multimeter

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    The TIS 201 is a pocket size auto-ranging digital multimeter which is packed with features which include temperature °C / °F, -20°c to 1000°c, -4°f to1832°f, a thermocouple and measuring ranges which include AC/DC voltage, AC/DC current, resistance, capacitance, frequency, duty cycle, diode test, plus a 4000 count digital display, data hold, backlit display, continuity buzzer all in a […]

  • TIS TIS258 Pocket sized multimeter

    £16.65 Ex. VAT
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    TIS 258 is a 2000 count pocket sized digital multimeter, rated CE CAT II 600V RoHS. It is a robust, pocket sized multimeter with AC/DC voltage up to 600V & DC Current up to 10 Amp. The TIS 258 also has the benefit of Data Hold, Continuity Test & a Diode Test facility. It is […]

  • TIS TIS280 Auto-ranging multifunction Multimeter

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    Auto-Ranging Digital Multimeter with Capacitance, Frequency & Temperature The TIS 280 is packed with features at a very affordable price. Features include resistance up to 40m ohm, auto-ranging, bar graph display, 4000 count display, capacitance to 4000μf, frequency to 10mhz &  temperature -20°C to 1000°C, It is a Cat IV 600V, non contact voltage detector […]

  • TIS TIS819 Voltage Tester 12 to 690 Volts AC/DC

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    TIS 819 Voltage Tester 12-690 Volts AC/DC features an LED display of voltage and automatic polarity indication. The TIS 819 is compliant to BSEN 61243-3:2010 and conforms to HSE GS38. FEATURES Voltage Range: 12V, 24V, 50V, 120V, 230V, 400V, 600V Automatic Polarity Indication Frequency Range 0-60Hz IP54 rated Conforms to BSEN 61243-3:2010 Conforms to HSE […]

  • TIS TIS851 Voltage & Continuity Tester with Proving Unit

    £37.49 Ex. VAT
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    The TIS 851 Voltage & Continuity Tester is compliant to GS 38 and features Phase Rotation & built in proving test With LCD & LED display it is an exclusive voltage & continuity tester, incorporating a phase rotation test and a built in proving test that conforms fully to BSEN 61243-3:2010 and HSE GS38 12B. […]

  • TIS TIS870 Circuit Finder & Socket Tester

    £54.38 Ex. VAT
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    Circuit Fuse and Breaker Finder with NCV and socket test. The TIS 870 features the very latest technology in fuse/breaker location. The advanced microprocessor locates the fuse / breaker with pin-point accuracy by using the very latest second pass technology. Simply plug the transmitter into the circuit to test then pass the receiver over the […]


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    TIS 880 Network Cable Tester A Network cable tester with built in de-bug mode. tests UTP & STP cable. Auto power on/off. Checks continuity & configuration of wiring with RJ45 plugs. It tests T568A, T568B 10 base-t & token cables shield detection. It tests cable shield integrity main & the remote unit allows one person […]

Showing all 9 results